Delta Monitor Extension

How many times has a homeowner re-tiled their shower, only to find that the old tile is thicker which makes the trim no longer fit? In our nearly 30 years in business as a retail store we’ve heard this story hundreds (if not thousands) of times. Usually it is a simple fix, sell a stem extension to the customer. However, some stems do no have readily available extensions. One more model can be knocked off that list as we provide you with the Delta Monitor extension.

Valley Trim Plate Conversion

Valley trim plates are currently available with holes at the bottom of the plate. Many of their older valves had holes at the top of the plate however. Our trim conversion kit will allow customers to use the newer, readily available, trim plates with their old valves.

Ceramic to Compression Conversion Stem

Any experienced plumber in an area with poor water quality will tell you that ceramic stems fail (and they fail often). Ceramic valve stems are expensive to replace rather than their cheap to repair compression counterparts (if the ceramic  replacements stem is available at all). If you have a customer who is in love with their current fixtures, but doesn’t want to pay for expensive parts every few years to have them fixed, offer them our new solution.

Our conversion stems are patent pending and in the process of production now. Feel free to contact us regarding time estimates and costs.