American Standard Supply Line Adapter

304 Stainless Steel 1/2″ American Standard to 1/2″ MIP Supply Line Adapter

SKU: 130710

Product Description

Let our one adapter replace a variety of American Standard supply lines and give you to simple and fast solution that your plumbing customers are looking for.

In areas with many homes built prior to the 1960s it is very possible to come across American Standard fixtures. It is also very possible that the experienced plumber will have seen American Standard’s unique supply line size. Instead of the standard ½” compression or ½” iron pipe, many American Standard fixtures used their own ½” size.

In the past it was possible to purchase specialty hoses for American Standard. These hoses would be marked ½” AS x ½” FIP or ½” AS x 3/8” Compression (etc). Maintaining a selection of American Standard ½” hoses with each possible mating end took up unnecessary room on trucks or shelves for a problem encountered only occasionally. American Standard ½” supply lines are now no longer manufactured, despite many fixtures still in homes (most attached to galvanized pipe).

Replacing the fixture often means a costly re-pipe. While larger projects may mean larger profits, not everyone is financially able to commit to such a project. This allows you to offer another solution.